Plumbing & heating services in South Wales including Bridgend, Swansea, Cardfiff, Newport, Pontypridd, Porthcawl

Plumbing & Heating

Our team of expert plumbing and heating engineers are available for any of your plumbing requirements.

From fitting and moving radiators, to kitchen and bathroom refurbishments they are able to carry out a full range of plumbing tasks professionally and with the minimum amount of inconvenience.

They are all fully qualified and experienced engineers, with both domestic and commercial backgrounds to rely on.

Typical jobs include:

  • Fitting new sinks
  • Fitting new taps
  • Removing old radiators and changing for new
  • Installing a new shower unit
  • Installing sinks and baths
  • New external taps for garden and car washing
  • Boiler servicing and repairs
  • New central heating systems
  • Underfloor heating
  • Heating efficiency additives (10-15% saving in carbon emissions and bills)

If you own a property that has gas appliances such as a boiler, cooker or heater and rent it out, then by law you have to have an annual gas safety check. This ensures that as a landlord, your tenants are not at risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning or other associated issues.

Our team are fully qualified to carry out the inspections and certifications (issue a GAS SAFE CP12 form), as well as advising on any maintenance or safety issues that you may require.

Our team are highly professional and friendly, ensuring that both your tenants and you are happy with our services.

We are a leading South Wales installer of a unique patented heating additive, designed and made in the UK.

Installed in both domestic and commercial sites, it has proven to provide energy savings of up to 15% (saving money and CO2 emissions) as well as increasing the warmth and comfort of the installed property. Radiators are warmer and the heat exchanger in the boiler works more efficiently.

It can be installed in any wet heating system such as radiators, underfloor or even air conditioning units and is completely organic and non-toxic.

With payback in savings of around 6 – 12 months, it is one of the most cost-effective energy-saving products on the market.

Helping to combat fuel poverty and increase the warmth of homes in South Wales, we have already installed this additive in thousands of properties across the South Wales area with noticeable reductions in bills and CO2 emissions and increases in comfort and warmth.

Your boiler is an essential and often forgotten about part of your home, supplying you with heat and hot water throughout the year.

But just like a car needs regular maintenance, so does a boiler. Manufacturers recommend an annual service, to ensure it remains eligible for any warranty and is emitting the correct levels of gasses.

Our boiler servicing package ensures that your boiler is working safely and at it’s most efficient, to ensure you have reliable, cost effective heating and water for the future.

We carry out:

  • A full inspection of the boiler, flue and pipework.

  • Check of all seals, gaskets and gas safety components.

  • Combustion and efficiency checks, ensuring no harmful emissions are leaking into your home.

  • Check the full function of your boiler including pumps and burner units.

  • Any manufacturer specific requirements.

On top of this we also

  • Check the function of, and advise on heating controls

  • Function check of the heating and hot water, advise on improvements

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We cover all of the South Wales area for plumbing, heating, boiler servicing and gas safety inspections.

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