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Why choose the Welsh Handyman Company?


We’re a local company based in Bridgend but with a team of skilled ex forces trades across South Wales. We utilise local supply chain as much as possible, favouring the relationships with small building and plumbing merchants for both value and service. We offer a service that provides a reliable and trustworthy team of trades with a military work ethic and mindset, enabling them to carry out the work in your house, whether it be a simple gas boiler service or a complete home renovation with plastering, brickwork and electrical works.

We provide no obligation quotations free of charge, and all of our work is guaranteed.. All quotes are fixed price, or we are able to work on an hourly basis at competitive and great value rates.


We offer 12-month warranties on all our work, from plumbing installations to boiler repairs. If you get a new boiler installed with us, this extends for up to 10 years of worry free heating depending on which manufacturer and model you choose.

Our heating additive comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer of a saving of at least 10% of your gas consumption, most customers are typically getting between 13 and 18% savings when combined with our boiler servicing package.


The horrible reality of our industry is that there are many poor tradesmen and women out there. Many are operating illegally and some are just rubbish. This is the reason that we set out to pool the best talent in our area, under one company to offer you a ‘one stop shop’. We have guaranteed the trust element from the moment you contact us to the commissioning and final clean down before we leave.

  • All staff are ex forces, this gives you numerous benefits including a strong work ethic, efficient, tidy and proud of completing a good job.
  • We check our team’s qualifications to ensure that they have had suitable training, both in their military careers and in their civilian ones. Whether it’s a boiler service, replacement or hanging a new door from our carpentry division we know that the team doing the job have been trained to do so.
  • Insured – We have never had to use it, but we have insurance covering us for up to 2 million pounds of damage. All of my team also have their own liability insurance so you can be sure that if we were to cause damage unintentionally, it would be fully fixed.
  • Experience – All my team have been operating in their discipline for many years post forces, and will often have an ‘appentice’ with them. This dual system passes on the training in a proven system, complementing and enhancing the formal college training and allowing them to perform in the real world – ‘Train as you mean to fight’
  • Not solely profit focussed – We will always put the success of the company above pure profit and individual gain. If we make a mistake, we fix it at our cost not at yours. Our pricing is fair and competitive, but allows us to invest in the best equipment, people and training to ensure we remain at the cutting edge in our changing industry. Your happiness and satisfaction is the key to this and so we genuinely care about every job, no matter how big or small. Whether changing tap washers or installing a new electrical system or EV car charger – we care.

Friendly Customer Service

We don’t have an offshore call centre or an external body handling our queries, just me – Simon the owner! As an ex naval officer who has experienced poor service in the past I founded this company, to bring the very best of both the military and construction industry together in one package. My service to you will always be at the highest level. Messages through facebook or whatsap will be answered as soon as they are seen, emails by close of play that day and calls answered when safe to do so. If we are not available then we will always reply in a reasonable time.

Environmentally Friendly

Much of our work is directly linked to helping reduce our impact on the planet, whether that be through a boiler service to check your emissions are low or the addition of our world class heating additive to your system, giving guaranteed monetary and emission savings. We source low VOC content products as often as possible, will use water based paints and glues whenever we are allowed to and will always ensure we use companies for our materials that are responsible in their manufacture.

In line with the Welsh Government future wellbeing of generations act, we recycle as much of our waste as possible, and aim to grow this to a rate of around 60% this year. We also minimise printing and paper waste by operating digitally as much as possible.

The energy that powers our office, computers and charges our tool batteries is sourced from a sole renewables provider, so we know that we are at least Carbon Neutral for our office.

Our vehicles are a major source of emissions and we are presently looking into options for a Hybrid fleet until a zero emissions van is a viable alternative. Watch this space!

Start Using Our Service Now

We cover all of the South Wales area for a range of services from plumbing and heating to electrical, renewables and home renovations.

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